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JSB Hades .177 | 10.34gr | 500 pcs. $16.99. The JSB Hades pellet is designed with the hunter in mind. Having a very accurate, high quality, expanding pellet is a game changer for the airgun hunter. Change the game with the .177 JSB Hades pellets!|Air Gun Slug Swaging Air Gun Pellets Air Gun Slug Specifications Order on-line Corbin makes air gun swage dies for conventional .177 and .22 air guns as well as the full spectrum of diameters for specialty and precharged high-power air guns, including 50, 45 and 9mm rifles, .12, .14, 5mm (20 cal) and .25 caliber.JSB Exact Match Diabolo .25 Caliber King Pellets 350 Count Tin 350 count lead .25 caliber domed airgun pellets for most makes and models of .25 caliber air rifles and pistols in a metal tin. 1.645 g | 25.39 gr...|Gunworks Ltd 20 Cal Air Rifle Pellets Jsb. Predator Polymag 20 Caliber Pellets 150 Each 13 Grain. ... Handn Field Target Trophy Air Gun Pellets 20 Cal 1142 Grain 5mm. ... Gun Mold; Crosman .22; 20 Cal Handgun; 50 Cal Pellet; All Size; 177 Pellet Sizer; H&N Pellets;|The problem is that the domed JSB Diablo 18.13gr pellets I've used since the start shoot right through a squirrel if I am going for a heart shot vs. a headshot and really wanted to reduce this so I started reading on pellet types. First off, I really like JSB pellets. They are made in Czechoslovakia and are really uniform.This is the new JSB Exact 30 cal Clone Single Cavity mold from 2 different pellet weights can be cast out of one mold simply...JSB Simply Pellets. 8.02 grain weight. .177 caliber. 4.50mm. Wadcutter. 500 count. JSB is well-known for having trained experts who view each and every pellet they manufacture under magnification. This provides precise and extremely consistent quality pellets, but it's also very expensive, and the rejection rate is only about 2%. That setting pushed the JSB 25.39-grain pellets out at an average of 1,032.0 feet per second. Finally, I maxed out the dial, and that gave me a bit extra with an average pellet speed of 1,058.9 feet per second. If you do the math on power levels, you'll come up with the following for the JSB Exact King 25.38-grain pellets.|Our Price: $ 9.99 ($0.05 per round) Available. Add H&N Field Target Trophy Air Gun Pellets 25 Caliber 20.06 Grain 6.35mm Head-Size Domed Tin of 200 to Cart. H&N Baracuda Hunter Pellets 25 Caliber 27.47 Grain 6.35mm Head-Size Hollow Point Tin of 150. Our price $9.99 ($0.07 per round)The set up Gunpower Stealth with a 12'' .20 barrel, my home made silencer, clamped to a stand, to take the human factor out of the equation. Distance, a measly 20m, all I can comfortably do at my home. Shot count 5 shots. Pellets tested: JSB Exact. H&N Baracuda Eunjin Sam YangJSB Diabolo Exact Monster Redesigned .177 Cal, 13.43 gr - 400 ct. These 13.43 grain pellets are ideal for small game hunting and target practice. Easily dispatch prey whether paper or pest.JSB Redesigned Monster Pellets .177 .177 caliber 13.43 grains 400 pellets.. $16.79 $19.99.Winchester .177 Cal Pellets, 9.8 Grains, Round Nose, 500ct. $10.79 $8.09. .177 caliber 9.8 grains Round nose 500 pellets Heavier pellets, such as these Winchester domes, are ideal for magnum air rifle and air pistols. Compare.|Nick Nielsen of Nielsen Specialty Ammo makes some of the highest quality and consistent ammo on the market and his .25 Hollow Point slugs are no exception. These are accurate and a perfect choice for hunting with .25 cal PCP air rifles. Available in 26.8, 29.5, 33.5, 36.2 & 38.5 grain options. *You may notice a white film on the inside of the ... |H.M. HEN JSB Diabolo Exact King .25 Cal, 25.39 gr swaging die from china. This mold is made by the same person who made Matt Dubbers and PATAGONIA AIRGUNS CHILE. You can watch Matt make a few pellets in his video titled - A Lesson in the Wind | Stories From Patagonia, pt.4 - skip to time code 7:30|Sale! JSB Diabolo Test Pellets, .25 Caliber, Assorted Weights, Round Nose, 160ct. 25 Test Pellets. 77. date10/11/21. PRE ORDER. $ 25.99 $ 20.99. Please note: Should the ammunition that you order be out of stock, I will ship what is in stock and refund what is not….|Big bore .30 cal airguns and .303 caliber pellet rifles such as the FX Boss are extremely versatile. High powered .303 and .30 caliber pellet rifles from FX and other top rated airgun manufactures are able to easily take down animals up to 45lbs!.30 and .303 cal PCP pellet rifles for sale are a large caliber big bore airgun.|It is only a few grains heavier than the JSB pellet, and I have found better accuracy and far superior BC.... I have shot sub 2" groups at 100 yards with it.... There is only one RG style mould still available, which allows you to cast flat nose, cup point, or hollow point just by changing the pins....|JSB Hades .177 | 10.34gr | 500 pcs. $16.99. The JSB Hades pellet is designed with the hunter in mind. Having a very accurate, high quality, expanding pellet is a game changer for the airgun hunter. Change the game with the .177 JSB Hades pellets! |Mk2 Pellet Maker. How To Order. Contact Me. More. M k2 Pellet Maker. Please Note Due to high demand, I have changed the way Orders are made... Now no money is paid until your order is ready to be made... Mk2 Pellet Maker... Only £85+P&P ...

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